Testing and Validation Engineer

Purpose :

  • Definition of validation procedure
  • Organize and conduct validation tests
  • Audit existing installation
  • Analyse failures during shop test and field trials


Main accountabilities :

  • Define test procedures for design validation (Electrical / Mechanical) to meet quality standards in R&D department
  • Prepare Validation Plan aligned with key project objectives
  • Define and prepare test cases following Validation test protocols.
  • Collaborate with lead engineers or functional heads during definition of Validation test protocols
  • Coordinate the implementation validation testing.
  • Conduct analysis of failures (both during validation test or alpha trial & beta trial) aligned with group policies (Line PPS, 8DPPS, …)
  • Define and design equipment or tools required by Validation testing protocols
  • Conduct Validation testing
  • Analyse and report outcomes of test on key parameters (Functional limitation, compatibility with customer environment, reliability, …)
  • Compare test results with relevant KPIs
  • Conduct site audit on running projects



Master, Electro Mechanical engineering


Experience (number of years, seniority level, nature):

3+ years


Expertise areas:

  • Experience in Testing and Validation process
  • Experience in continuous improvement process
  • Electro-Mechanical Engineering



  • Good interpersonal skills
  • 3D Design software (Creo, Solidworks, …)
  • Good Knowledge in Automation Engineering (sensors, electrical drawings, programming …)
  • Hands-on capabilities
  • Ability to communicate and work collaboratively
  • Analytical thinking
  • English knowledge.
  • WW Travelling (20%).
  • Committed.