Risk Manager

The Risk Manager will be part of the Ground Operations department. The function will therefore report directly to the Ground Operations Director. However, the function has equally a direct reporting line to the CEO/Accountable Manager for sensitive security risks of breaches.

The Risk Management role serves in a consultative role in identifying, managing and mitigating risks in order to protect both human and physical assets of the company (AVSEC, Fraud Mgt,…)

The Risk Manager will develop and manage the security programs of the Company and thereby protect the employees, the assets, the Customers and the reputation of the Company. The ultimate aim is to ensure the highest standards and continued compliance with the set standards.

Risk assessment, control & communication

  • Lead and organize a quarterly Risk Assessment and threat analysis for each risk category and report to the Senior Management Team with proposed recommendations
  • Undertake gap analysis and stress testing of existing processes and procedures
  • Maintain functional-level reports and dashboards (KPIs) for each risk category
  • Evaluated in a continuous manner the risk level at each and every Air Belgium destination ports and their designated operational alternates
  • Ensure effective liaison with governments, authorities and law enforcement agencies by means of frequent, regular contact with local countries
  • Attend National and International meetings in order to share experience, keep Air Belgium updated with latest developments in the risk management field
  • Establish and maintain effective liaison with airport authorities and any other relevant authorities such as Police, Customs and Immigration services[JR1] 
  • Ensure the dissemination of security and risk management critical information to appropriate personnel both within Air Belgium and external to the operator. Organize regular briefings and recommendations to the relevant teams
  • Provide alerts and recommendations during periods of increased risks and/or for critical flights and routes

Risk Mitigation plan

Aviation Security

  • Formulate an overall security plan to the senior management
  • Develop, maintain and update Air Belgium’s security program and set of policies, staying compliant with requirements to all States where Air Belgium operates (Belgian National Security Program, EU Regulation, ECAC/ICAO and IATA’s best practices.)
  • Review periodically the policies and ensure continued relevance to the organization
  • Escalate any non-compliance of regulatory or “best practice” procedures and policies in co-operation with the Compliance Monitoring Department who performs regular audits of facilities, locations, and operational activities in order to ensure that the highest security standards are maintained
  • Establish and monitor approved security training programs for company staff and/or it’s agents to ensure all individuals have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform security related duties
  • Define the equipment required to ensure Security of the operator's main facilities. This includes screening equipment be it fixed or mobile
  • Ensure all crew members are trained according Air Belgium policy and EASA/EU regulations
  • Manage the employees and subcontractors badges and accesses to premises, aircraft and airports

Fraud Mgt & data protection

  • Develop a set of policies and procedures to avoid and mitigate digital payment risks (Fraud, Customer and Identity Management) to present to the senior management Team
  • Monitor and track Digital payment risks and ensure timely execution of remediation plans
  • Ensure compliance of digital booking and payment at all times with all applicable regulations
  • Develop customer data protection programs and measures together with the CCO and the Business Solutions Manager
  • Coordinate any AB data protection initiative with the official Data Protection Officer

Health and Safety

  • Evaluate hazards for safety, health, and environmental risks
  • Develop health and safety procedures and programs for all departments and monitor safety compliance to reduce risks in close collaboration with the Health and safety responsible
  • Develop inspection policies and establish regular inspection schedules
  • Supervise training sessions related to the risk assessment (emergency preparedness, confined spaces, electrical safety, etc.)

Case Management

  • Investigate and analyze any incident and disseminate results and actions taken/proposed to avoid and prevent reoccurrences
  • Analyze Crew reports related to aviation security, ensure corrective actions are initiated and reply to crew members when applicable
  • Support the relevant team in the management and timely remediation of issues / findings
  • Report all actual or suspected acts of unlawful interference with aircraft operations to the appropriate authority for security
  • Investigate, gather and secure information (Police Report, statements, photos) and evidence in regards to the incident
  • Attend hearings and arbitrations


  • Establish and manage Air Belgium’s Risk management systems
  • Ensure Air Belgium’s Passenger Reservations and Sales System is continuously updated and maintained in respect of Entry Requirements
  • Regulate, organize and monitor API data flows and compliance with the Carrier’s obligations and countries operated

Suppliers Management

  • Evaluate the needs in security staff level required to ensure the security of the operator's main facilities but also for aviation security
  • Ensure that for operational security functions conducted by external service providers selected by the Operator (outsourcing), such external service providers have a security training program that is acceptable to the Operator
  • Monitor external service providers selected by Air Belgium

 [JR1]Ajouter prise en charge des demandes de badges aéroportuaires + suivi des renouvellements sur base des updates AIMS en provenance de Fops Admin Team


  • Display a great sense of integrity and ethics under all circumstances
  • Guaranty highest level of discretion and safe management of any sensitive information
  • Any other duties that aim to the achievement of the department objectives within individual competences
  • Display a positive, open and cooperative behavior in order to facilitate a good relationship inside and outside the department and ability solve conflicts
  • Comply with Company policies, values and ethics
  • Comply with local, national legislations and health & safety standards
  • Capacity to report very promptly to hierarchy, any hazards, threats, issues and non-compliances

Requirements and qualifications

  • Extensive experience in aviation security operations
  • Certification approved by national appropriate authority or other equivalent approval issued by the national appropriate authority
  • Extensive knowledge in the following areas:
    • ground and in-flight security
    • pre-boarding screening
    • baggage and cargo security
    • aircraft security and searches
    • weapons and prohibited articles
    • great understanding the aviation industry context, threats and risks
    • other areas and measures related to security that are considered appropriate to enhance security awareness
  • Annual recurrent training in aviation security and latest security developments
  • Excellent communication skills and fluency in English is a must, other language such as Dutch, French and any other language would be an advantage
  • Ability to prioritize, to be proactive and stress resistant
  • Computer literate: Microsoft Office suite is essential
  • Ability to manage multiple assignments in a multi-cultural & multi-site environment
  • Ability to work to tight deadlines, stress resistant

We offer : 

• A permanent contract

• A package in line with industry standards