Ramp Load Controller

Purpose of the job :

To ensure that the weight and balance conditions of the aircraft are correct and within limits, in compliance with legal requirements.

Keys activities :

Load Planning

  • Assemble all data relating to load
  • Plan uplift/discharge load for ready accessibility
  • Plan special load according to restrictions, maximum quantities, separation and segregation requirements (radac, DG)
  • Consider center of gravity parameters affecting fuel consumption.

Weight and Balance Pre-calculation

  • Plan load for total flight ensuring that hold maxima are not exceeded
  • Pre-calculation for flights for which a Departure Control System (DCS) is used, should be made whenever aircraft weight and/or balance conditions are expected to be close to the operational limits.

Completion of Loading Instructions (load advice)

  • Off-loading and loading standard information/instructions
  • Special instructions, e.g. spreading, lashing, overhangs, special loads, etc.

Completion and checking of the loadsheet against the LIR and other documents

  • Correct dry operating weight and index used according to the aircraft type, version, number of crew and pantry
  • Correct take-off and trip fuel figures used corresponding with those on fueling order or equivalent
  • Correct entry of transit load data from incoming load message/loadsheet
  • Cross checking of the final loadsheet against loading instructions/report
  • Actual loading position of dangerous goods and other special load entered on the loadsheet
  • Total traffic load not exceeding allowed traffic load
  • Balance calculation performed correctly and conditions of loaded aircraft, (including
  • LMCs – last minutes changes), are within prescribed limits.

All of the above will have to be performed for manual and computerized loadsheet.


  • Ensure smooth and efficient communication between all involved parties i.e. Ramp Supervisors, Hub, OCC, Ramp Control, Ramp Coordinator, Fuelling company and any 3rd party company involved in the TNT activities (e.g. Swissport, Crew ...)
  • Complete required daily reporting and on request.

Aircraft fuelling

  • Coordinate and monitor fuelling activities between SAB/TNT.

Parking Control

  • Ensure that appropriate parking positions are allocated in absence of the parking controller (for tasks details, see job description)

Corporate Responsibility compliance/ Helath & Safety

  • To comply with local, national legislation, Health & Safety and Environment regulations in order to maintain a safe working environment for self and all the depot employees.
  • Participate in the corporate initiatives
  • Respect the H&S procedures
  • Respect the H&S instructions
  • Act & work safely
  • Make use of the PPE (personal protective equipment) provided by the company
  • Report possible risks to the hierarchy


  • Monitoring the outbound freight flow in the warehouse through the system to anticipate problems and find solutions.
  • If problems generated find solutions in real time to improve the Ramp performance
  • Preparation and interpretation of load messages and signal. (sent and received) + ACARS
  • Be able to load and unload aircraft using teams and resources
  • Respect proper procedures.
  • Crew disposition and coordination
  • Proper processing and storing / filing of Paperwork for BCAA / FAA Audits and inspection.
  • Managing office Resources (Forms, Splits, Flight Envelopes, etc.)

Self behaviour

  • Display a positive, open and cooperative behaviour in order to facilitate a good relationship inside and outside the department, avoid and help to solve conflicts.

Preferred experience/knowledge :

Essential Educational and/or Training Qualifications & Certificates

  • Ground Security Coordinator
  • Weight & Balance Certification for Bae 146, B737, B757, B767, B777, MD11

Preferred experience

  • Experience is an asset

Necessary Technical/Functional Skills

  • PC: Computer literate
  • Languages: Very good command of the English language (FedEx Crews are American and all computer programs, systems, documentation and training material for W&B are in English).
  • Good knowledge of the French language to communicate with LGG Hub ops
  • Ability to work independent (Sundays).

Required Behavioral Competencies

  • Stress resistance
  • Good in time management (Multitasking).

Contract type :

  • ISG 14 – Permanent job – Full time – Night shift