Offre de STAGE : Understanding and simulation of ageing of steel flow control refractories

Isostatically-pressed carbon-bonded refractories are widely used in the continuous casting of steel, e.g. for ladle shrouds, monoblock stoppers and submerged entry nozzles. During casting, these products are subjected to severe thermomechanical and thermochemical conditions that might gradually modify their properties and eventually lead to the product’s premature failure. That is why, understanding and accurate lab-scale simulation of refractories properties evolution with casting duration would be beneficial in preventing such issues and in designing improved refractory formulations.

The proposed project consists of two parts. In the first part, the intern would thoroughly characterize 10 ladle shrouds coming from a customer site. These ladle shrouds were subjected to different casting lengths ranging from 1 to 10 heats, which would enable the intern to determine the real properties evolution with casting time. Based on the results, the intern would also determine the point at which the refractory material exhibits the highest risk of failure (e.g. due to thermal shock or erosion).

In the second part, the intern would age non-used samples of the refractory in a temperature and atmosphere-controlled furnace. His/her task would be to identify and properly adjust the key furnace parameters such as temperature, argon flow, heating duration etc. in order to obtain the same properties as the ones of the used refractories coming back from the customer site.

Experience/skills required: 

  • Bachelor or master in material sciences.
  • Design of Experiments
  • Basic understanding of ceramic materials behavior at high temperature.

Starting date: April 2021 or later

Duration: 3 months