Offre de STAGE : Investigation on the grain size distribution optimization applied to refractory materials

Isostatically-pressed carbon-bonded refractories are widely used in the continuous casting of steel, e.g. for ladle shrouds, monoblock stoppers and submerged entry nozzles. During casting, these products are subjected to severe thermomechanical and thermochemical conditions. An accurate assessment of material characteristics, mostly mechanical properties but also their capacity to process pieces combining several mixes are key to warrant the field performances.

The proposed project would combine an experimental work, focused on testing the refractory at the different process steps (green and fired with respectively visco-elasto-plastic and elastic damageable behaviors) and data analysis to correlate both. This latter step would include statistical analysis from previous works.

Experience/skills required:

  • Bachelor or master in material sciences
  • Basic office pack handling, interest for material testing and analysis skills.
  • Experience in mechanical testing would be an asset.
  • Basic understanding of ceramic materials behavior at high temperature.

Starting date: whenever

Duration: 3 months