Offre de STAGE : Characterization and intercorrelation of refractory material properties

Isostatically-pressed carbon-bonded refractories are widely used in the continuous casting of steel, e.g. for ladle shrouds, monoblock stoppers and submerged entry nozzles. These materials consist in ceramic grains, commonly alumina, and graphite embedded in a carbon resin matrix. The optimization of the grain size, ranging from few to hundreds of µm is a key topic to warrant performance of the product. If this topic has been extensively investigated for cement and mortars, refractory material does not seem to obey the same design rules.

The proposed project would combine some literature review to explore existing theories and confront it to experimental work, ranging from the formulation (deduced from tap densities preliminary results) to refractory characterization to evidence the effect.

Experience/skills required:

  • Bachelor or master in material sciences.
  • Interest for material testing and interpretation, office pack.
  • Basic understanding of ceramic materials behavior at high temperature.


Starting date: whenever

Duration: 3 months