Hydraulic Expert

Steel makes our world a better place.

Steel enables tall buildings being constructed, bridges, cars, trains, sophisticated medical equipment, space craft, etc.  It is the building blocks of our society.  Look around you; everything you see that was made by man, is either made from steel or steel were used in it’s creation.

NLMK has a presence across Europe with 6 manufacturing plants and is part of the very successful larger NLMK Group with manufacturing presence in 7 countries and selling our products in 70.

We are one of the most efficient steel producers in the world.  We invest heavily into Research and Development to create new solutions for a modern world and use in our manufacturing processes Artificial Intelligence, augmented reality and many other technologies to help us to continually improve.

Steel is a perfect circular economy and can be recycled indefinitely.  We are developing and driving towards a carbon-neutral steel industry.  You can be part of this exciting world and help us shape the future.

For our office in La Louvière, we need a Hydraulic Expert:

Mission :

Hydraulic specialist/ Hydraulic Expert is responsible for maintenance and troubleshooting of hydraulic systems and ensuring that all the hydraulic components will work as per the expected purpose. The Hydraulic specialist/ Hydraulic Expert responsibilities include dealing with the control and flow of fluids, especially water, oil and grease and using the fluid mechanics theory and principles to deal with the problems related to storage, collection, transportation, control, regulation, etc.


  • Share knowledge with team while repair and maintenance of stationary or mobile hydraulic systems
  • Share knowledge with team while taking oil samples and read and interpret reports to take corrective action as needed.
  • Share knowledge with team while performing lubrication routes as specified using ultrasound lubrication practices.
  • Share knowledge with team while inspecting equipment during lubrication rounds
  • Share knowledge with team and perform PM and lubrication of universal joints.
  • Share knowledge with team and perform PM task associated with circulating oil and water systems. (Clean strainers, replace filters, clean tank sediment, etc.) 
  • Basic pipe fitting for installation of lubricant filtration equipment
  • Continuously look for opportunities to improve equipment reliability through best practice lubrication.
  • Assist in formulating preventive maintenance/lubrication standards and work procedures while performing those duties and provide work order feedback on discrepancies noted in service delivery.



  • Incumbent must have working knowledge of lubrication best practices and Preventive/Predictive Maintenance procedures.
  • Functions of this position will include Ultrasonic Emissions Training / Certification.
  • Knowledgeable in mechanical systems as it pertains to machinery lubrication practices.
  • Minimum 10 years in manufacturing environment, preferably a lubrication and greasing oriented maintenance role.
  • Experience and knowledge around the functions and designs of bearings, motors, gearboxes, and other rotating equipment.
  • Be able to explain the P-F curve, and the different types of failure curves.
  • Must demonstrate ability to maintain technical database SAP and be proficient in Microsoft office. (Excel, Word, Powerpoint). Working knowledge of the CMMS system, entering work orders and creating reports are a plus
  • Possess clear oral and written communication skills
  • Have exceptional judgment, ability, initiative, attention to detail, ability to follow instructions, and aptitude in carrying out of assignments with minimal direct supervision.

Working at NLMK is an opportunity to create a new future for yourself within one of the the most successful steel companies in the world.

NLMK offers great opportunities for career and development to talented and ambitious employees who bring new life to life ideas and are results-oriented.

If you are that person, don't be afraid of change and join us! PS: Please feel free to share this ad. No one will take this opportunity away from you. If you are, whatever we are looking for, we will always have a place for you! NLMK is a company in full expansion.