Field Service Engineer - Automation

Vesuvius is leading the world of molten metal flow engineering by designing, engineering, manufacturing and delivering refractory products, systems and services for high-tech industrial applications. The company is present in over 30 countries on 5 continents, has over 60 manufacturing units, 7 R&D centres together employing 11,000 people.

The Flow Control division of Vesuvius is dedicated to the development, engineering, assembly and commissioning of refractory products and flow control equipment, including mechanical devices, hydraulics, automation and robotics, for in particular the steel manufacturing industry. These products and services play a crucial role in making these high-tech applications safe for people to work, reducing the environmental footprint, driving operational excellence while enhancing the customer’s product quality.


  • The job will be based in Czech Republic, Poland, or Turkey.
  • The contract will be a local one following the legislation of the country.
  • The candidate needs to be resident in one of those countries.

To technically support and, if necessary, supervise the installation and commissioning of new Vesuvius Flow Control Systems on a worldwide scale. Liaising between the Engineering Department, Automation Department and the Area, the OEM and/or Customer and sub-contractors as necessary to ensure the satisfactory completion of the Project.

To provide technical support to the customer in the commissioning job, insuring the follow-up of electrical cabling and wiring job as per Vesuvius specifications. To provide pretesting of electrical signals by IO checking with automation system. To assist the Area in the evaluation and resolving of any operational problems experienced, to ensure the ongoing operation of existing Systems to the Customers’ satisfaction.

Main accountabilities :

  • To assist, whenever possible, with the Shop Test Management and Supervision in Ghlin for the equipment to be subsequently installed on specific Projects.
  • To ensure that all new Systems installations are commissioned to the Customer’s satisfaction and in accordance with the planning and responsibilities agreed at the “kick-off” meeting.
  • To provide the Customer and, if necessary, the Area with adequate training in the operation and maintenance of the System to enable the full potential of the System in terms of operational capability and optimisation of refractory performance to be achieved.
  • To ensure that Technical Assistance Reports are completed in an appropriate time-scale detailing any problems experienced, modifications made, corrective actions implemented etc.
  • To communicate any design or performance weaknesses identified in such a manner that the benefits of design, construction and material changes may be fully understood and considered by the Engineering and/or R&D Department.
  • To provide a level of Customer Support that enhances the relationship with the Customer and increases the Company profile.
  • Ensure that all activities are performed with due regard to the health and safety standards applicable to the activity.

Qualifications : 

  • Bachelor Qualification in Electrical/Automation Engineering

Experience : 

  • 2 to 4 Years of Industrial Experience

Expertise areas :

  • Knowledge and experience in industrial working environment.
  • Expert in reading and understanding of electrical drawings. Ability to supervise sub-contractors in the wiring and cabling process.
  • Basic knowledge in automation field : PLC programming, IO checking and instrumentation
  • A basic technical competence in the mechanical and hydraulic aspects of Flow Control Systems.
  • The motivation/ability to learn the detailed aspects of the installation and operation of our ladle and tundish systems.

Skills :

  • Conversant in English with good communication skills.
  • Proactive and Self-motivated with a flexible approach to working hours.
  • A desire to travel and acceptance of regular periods of overseas work.
  • Capable of managing and leading operators and sub-contractors at site.