Category Manager

Steel makes our world a better place.

Steel enables tall buildings being constructed, bridges, cars, trains, sophisticated medical equipment, space craft, etc.  It is the building blocks of our society.  Look around you; everything you see that was made by man, is either made from steel or steel were used in it’s creation.

NLMK has a presence across Europe with 6 manufacturing plants and is part of the very successful larger NLMK Group with manufacturing presence in 7 countries and selling our products in 70.

We are one of the most efficient steel producers in the world.  We invest heavily into Research and Development to create new solutions for a modern world and use in our manufacturing processes Artificial Intelligence, augmented reality and many other technologies to help us to continually improve.

Steel is a perfect circular economy and can be recycled indefinitely.  We are developing and driving towards a carbon-neutral steel industry.  You can be part of this exciting world and help us shape the future.


Regional Category manager will be working with key regional/global suppliers to ensure best sourcing deals for NLMK, leveraging NLMK regional/global presence and buying power.



  • Category strategy
  • Develops the category strategy in alignment with business requirements and with involvement of the internal key stakeholders
  • Develops the near, mid and long term category strategy roadmap
  • Develops supplier relationship strategy – SRM (# suppliers, preferred global/EU suppliers vs. local suppliers, …)
  • Business alignment
  • Builds effective relationships with internal key stakeholders
  • Ensures that the strategy and its implementation is aligned with the overall NLMK business strategy and policies
  • Supports Category Leads with building local category strategies
  • Category knowledge and expertise
  • Monitors and understands the market, key players and demand drivers for the category
  • Shares category information and knowledge with the key stakeholders and procurement colleagues across plants
  • Has a good understanding of external policies, regulations and laws related to the category
  • Supplier relationships and contract management
  • Manages interaction with key EU suppliers
  • Makes sure that for the agreed preferred suppliers category agreements (contracts) are in place
  • Develops contract templates, price lists, punch out catalogs, web platforms
  • Ensures that suppliers contracts are always timely renewed and obtained via process guaranteeing best commercial conditions for NLMK
  • Leads the RFI/RFP/RFQ processes, negotiations with suppliers and supplier selection
  • Implementation
  • Works together with Category Leads, Buyers and Procurements managers to implement the category strategy
  • Performs Business Review Meetings with key suppliers
  • Master data Management
  • Manages Supplier Master records in compliance with qualification requirements and process automation
  • Creates category supplier panels
  • Manages Material/Service records in order to insure correct spend reporting
  • Category analysis, reports and KPI’s
  • Monitors spend data
  • Tracks performance within the category
  • Captures and reports financial savings



  • Category spend
  • Savings and cost avoidance
  • Category strategy
  • Contracts coverage


Key Competencies

  • Strategic thinking
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong leadership
  • Flexible mindset – can change plans, goals or priorities to deal with changing situations
  • Team player

Working at NLMK is an opportunity to create a new future for yourself with one of the world’s most efficient steel companies. NLMK is building a team of professionals offering comprehensive support to talented and ambitious employees who bring new ideas to life and are focused on results. 


Interested in being a constructive part of the business,

don’t hesitate to address your resume !