Automation Engineer

Vesuvius is a global leader in metal flow engineering, providing a full range of engineering services and solutions to its customers worldwide, principally serving the steel and foundry industries.
Mechatronic department based in Ghlin designs robotic solution for continuous casting application.
Integrated in this department you will be in charge of conception, design testing and commissioning of robotic equipment.


Carry out Projects and TSR engineering design work supporting the Project Manager. The main duty is to do the engineering work required to provide the required automated systems to meet customer specific application and needs. This includes Level 0 and Level 1 automation (PLC programming, sensors integration, network configuration, electrical engineering, etc) as well as Mechatronics (robotics, vision-based robot guidance / identification / inspection, data mining, etc).

Design product developments and custom designs when required into specific customer installation projects. The Automation Engineer is responsible for the conception, detail engineering coordination including selection of main components, programming at PLC and computer level, product documentation build up, shop testing, commissioning and maintenance.

Main accountabilities:

• Responsible for automation, electrical and mechatronics design work in respect to the technical specifications and project planned delivery mile stones.

• Organise and follow up the drafting work of the designer (draftsmen) on the home site and remote sites. Responsible for drawings check, approval and official release for manufacturing. Consider manufacturing cost parameters in the design.

• Validation of the new design and product development during the shop test and commissioning.

• Coordination and technical support to Operations and Suppliers during manufacturing process.

• Design as per the relevant norms.

• Set up and maintenance of Design Rules to share best practices across the group.

• Report progress proactively to the Project Manager and TSR requestors. Administrate the work in the TSR system database.

• Report and coordinate technical issues or products continuous improvement to the relevant Product Manager. Handle the associate technical documentation work.



Master degree in Electrical or Electronics Engineering.

Experience in robotics and mechatronics projects is preferred.


Experience (number of years, seniority level, nature):

2 to 5 years in heavy industry environment with design responsibilities is an asset. Mechatronic background is a plus.


Expertise areas: Job description

• Very Good in Electrical/Automation design (conception, calculation, equipment selection, detail engineering design, PLC programming). A certain degree of creativity is expected.

• Knowledge in Hydraulic and other media is a plus.

• Knowledge on robotics engineering and programming is a plus.



• Practical approach and hands on capability with interest for heavy industry application.

• Able to work in team with good management and leadership skills.

• Good English speaking, writing and reading.

• Autonomous and Committed.

• Proactive and Organised.

• Opened to extensive international traveling.